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In an area of natural beauty, where the forest meets the ocean, with 25km of fine sand beaches: le Mus de Loup, la Cèpe, le Galon d'Or, l'Embellie, which are family orientated; Pointe Espagnole, Côte Sauvage as far as the Lighthouse of la Coubre, which are more sports, naturist and sun-lover orientated. There is easy access to the various beaches by road and a cycle path winds its way through the pine forest.



Bathing areas are supervised 22 June to 1 September, 11am to 7pm. Weather and tide information: 08 99 71 02 17 and tourists offices.

Le Mus de Loup: specific parking area, walking trail.

La Cèpe: parking, club Mickey, picnic tables, toilets.

  • Le Galon d'Or: specific parking area, disabled access and toilets (July/August), water sports point, supervised by MNS, snack bar.

    L’Embellie: specific parking area

    Côte Sauvage Beaches

    La Pointe Espagnole: specific parking area, supervised by MNS.

    La Bouverie: specific parking area, supervised by MNS, bike park.

    Le Vieux Phare: specific parking area, snack bar.

    Beach of the Lighthouse of la Coubre: specific parking area, supervised by MNS.



How to get there:

By car: by tourist road or the D25.

By bike: via cycle path (25km through the forest).

Practical Information: Access gates (height 2m) at the entrance to all the beaches.

Driving in the forest is prohibited for all vehicles (except within car parks). Parking authorised in car parks, 6am to midnight.


The tides are at intervals of just over 6 hours, so there are 4 every 24 hours. Tides range between 120 (around 5.60m) for the strongest and 20 (around 1.40m) for the weakest.

Times available from shopkeepers and tourist offices.


The practice of naturism is authorised by municipal order on part of Côte Sauvage beach (5km) between trench no. 13 (Pointe Espagnole) as far as trench no. 32 (Bouverie). Information at


(Ref. municipal order) Horse riding and pets are prohibited 1 June to 30 September on the following beaches: le Mus de Loup, la Cèpe, le Galon d'Or, l'Embellie and are authorised throughout the year on the Côte Sauvage beaches: pets to be kept on a leash outside supervised bathing areas, horse riding before 10am and after 7pm.